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You’ve worked hard to determine the right strategy for your business. Now strengthen it with a people strategy that drives your business forward.

Working with you, we define the problem, determine the best solution, and design results for your lasting success.

Here are some of the ways we can help.

1. Get the best out of your people

We help you engage your employees and empower them to become your competitive advantage. When your employees have good quality jobs, and are well managed, they’ll be happier, more effective, and fulfilled — and more likely to drive invaluable benefits for your organisation.

2. Manage tough situations

Managing people doesn’t always go smoothly. It can be tricky to stay up to date with legal requirements and mistakes can be costly. We’ll make sure your policies and procedures are easily understood, in line with your values, and legally compliant. And, when you have a difficult situation to manage, we’ll help you and your team take the best course of action.

3. Get your structure and strategy right

You need to get your organisation design right for your business to be truly successful. We work with you to understand your culture, goals, and challenges, then co-create and implement a people plan to support your success. This can include helping you determine your vision and values, the culture you want to have or retain, and creating a detailed plan to thrive in all these areas.

4. Develop your in-house capabilities

A learning organisation is a resilient organisation, and one which is best equipped to deal with change. We’re well-versed in supporting business owners and managers on their journey to become true leaders. It’s important to have a plan for the future, and employees who are ready to take a step up when the opportunity arises. We support you with talent management and succession planning to help secure the future success of your organisation.

If you’ve any questions about how we might help your organisation get the best out of your people, you need help with a tricky employee situation, or need additional or specialist support for a project, please get in touch.

Email: letstalk@albanyhr.com
Tel: 0131 364 4186

Key People

Kathleen McAdams



Executive Coaching and Mentoring qualification achieved I am very pleased to be able to share that I have passed my ILM Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. While I have coached successfully for many years while part of organisations, it was important to me to have external accreditation from a professional body of my coaching and mentoring skills, as I this is part of my business offering to SME business owners and leaders. I really enjoyed the personal and professional development the course has given me, and look forward to using my skills to enable leaders to develop and grow going forward.


New website live - please take a look! Very pleased to say that our new website is now live, showcasing our services and client feedback.

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