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Roffey Park Institute Programme: OD Practitioners Programme

Starts: 2 September 2021
Starts: 21 October 2021

In today’s fast paced, ever changing business environment, an organisation’s ability to respond is key to survival and success. It is not the ‘organisation’ however that decides when, why or how to respond, it’s the people within it. Organisation Development (OD) is rooted in the deep connection between the best business processes and structures and the people working with them.

Practising OD means balancing economic growth and impact with human systems perspectives, building an agile, resilient and emotionally intelligent workforce, promoting compassionate, ethical and sustainable leadership and organisational practices, and having a clear sense of purpose. It is concerned with creating great organisations and cultures!

Our OD Practitioner Programme is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of OD as a discipline, give you opportunities to develop skills and acquire tools that have practical application and to develop the thinking strategies that shape the kind of tools and approaches you may use in your organisation.

The Diploma in Organisational Development Practice is the next evolution of the OD Practitioner Programme. The programme has been reviewed, updated and redesigned to integrate certification in the market-leading Denison Consulting’s Organisation Cultural Survey© and to embed your learning through your own real-life OD project; providing both the opportunity and support, for your new skills to make an immediate business impact. 

This course is for you if…

  • You are working in the field of organisational development and want to develop and enhance your practice.
  • You’re a change agent, manager or leader who recognises the importance of bringing people with you but want to have a greater insight into how to achieve this.
  • You have a background in HR, an aspiring HR Director perhaps, or are a Learning and Development professional or similar who wants to have more of an OD lens  and add OD skills to your portfolio
  • You’re involved in local authority or public sector transformations which require changes in mindset as well as structures and services
  • You’re in the commercial sector and have been recognised as having OD ability
Benefits for you:
  • Increase your capabilities as an OD practitioner for the benefit of you and your organisation
  • Increase your impact and influence and develop knowledge and application of a variety of interventions
  • Improve your ability to recognise and facilitate group dynamics
  • Build your confidence and impact as an OD Practitioner
  • Grow your network of like-minded OD Practitioners in parallel roles across sectors
  • Develop capabilities to use Denison Consulting’s Organisation Cultural Survey© to diagnose organisational culture
  • Work on your own OD project and get support and challenge from others on the programme through Action Learning Sets
  • Learn about live OD projects that participants have been working on during the programme

Benefits for your organisation:

Your organisation will benefit from you attending this programme through your skilled, knowledgeable, and impactful OD practice. They will benefit from an OD Practitioner who has a greater awareness and understanding of what influences people’s ability to embrace organisation change and transformation and a toolkit to enable them to intervene at any level. Your organisation will benefit from your ability to build sustainable, effective and values driven relationships across their business.

Programme Outline

The programme consists of three modules plus a follow up day where participants present the outcomes of their business projects.  These are delivered face-to-face or virtual as 3 x two-day modules with a 2 weeks gap in between.   Each module consists of 6x 90 minute sessions and a half day action learning set.  The programme begins with a launch call and initial action learning set and concludes with presentations of participant’s action research project.

Roffey Park Diploma in Organisational Development Practice

Roffey Park Institute’s Diploma in Organisational Development is designed as a level 5 diploma programme. You will receive the Roffey Park Diploma certificate if you attend all programme sessions including Action Learning Sets, complete a learning log and case study, deliver a facilitated session and present a final presentation on your OD intervention that you will be working on during the programme. This Roffey Park Diploma in Organisational Development Practice is designed with practitioners in mind and therefore includes a variety of content, tools, and many opportunities for sharing experiences and learning from others.

Denison Organisational Culture Survey Certification

As part of this Diploma programme, you will also complete Part 1 of the certification process to use the Denison Organisational Culture Survey. This comes with one free culture survey that can be sent to up to one hundred participants. You can use this survey in your work context or with a client organisation to diagnose and apply your learning. Full certification can be obtained by completing the culture survey and working with a senior consultant to overview the real client results as a preparation for your first client debrief.


Not sure if this is the right organisational develoment course for you?

From understanding the basics of OD to leading strategic organisational development interventions that puts people in the centre, we’ve got an organisational development programme for you.


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