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Roffey Park Institute Programme: Introduction to OD: Organisational Development Essentials

An introduction to the fundamentals of OD, its history and practice

Starts 2 March 2021
Finishes 11 March 2021

OD essentials is a one-day programme which explores the fundamentals of Organisation Development, its history and the nature of OD practice.  The programme provides an introduction to the function of OD and the role of the OD practitioner; including the key skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to become one.

The programme consists of four learning modules delivered either as a one day programme or delivered virtually as a series of 90 minute digital learning sessions:

  • History of OD
  • My role in OD
  • Levels and Types of Interventions
  • Adaptive Action in OD

For more information and to book your place: BOOK HERE!