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Roffey Park Institute Programme: Managing Remote Teams

Starts 14 September 2021


Managing remote teams is not new. Many organisations have had people spread widely over sales territories, regional offices, international leadership teams and so on for decades. The Covid-19 pandemic created an immediate and unprecented shift to remote working that remains in place for many. It’s clear that in a post-Covid working life, we will all be working remotely on a permanent basis or shifting to a hybrid working arrangement.

Running a team remotely has challenges, but fundamentally the management role remains the same. It is being responsible for people’s performance and wellbeing when you’re not physically able to work with them and only connected virtually.

This programme is for you if

Managing Remote Teams is ideal for mid to senior level managers and leaders who are getting to grips with the shift to managing a remote team.

Benefits for you

On completion of the this course you should have clarity and the practical ability to implement skills around five key aspects of managing remote teams: performance management, employee engagement, virtual team  meetings, having difficult conversations and interpersonal management skills.

Benefits for your organisation

You will be able to manage your own, individual and team performance and focus. Alongside the day to day management of projects and delivery this programme will enable you to understand and set expectations through dialogue and discussion enabling setting of goals and management of performance in a virtual setting.

Programme Outline

Delivered live online, Managing Remote Teams consists of five 90-minute modules aimed at mid to senior level managers

Module 1: Managing Meetings

  • How to prepare and run focussed and engaging team meetings
  • How to encourage full participation and open discussion in team meetings
  • How to enhance your approach to online meetings

Module 2: Managing Difficult Conversations

  • What are the barriers to having difficult conversations online?
  • Understand how to make a difficult conversation constructive online
  • Understand how to plan an approach to a difficult conversation

Module 3: Managing Performance

  • Understand the fundamentals of performance management within a virtual environment
  • Understand the expectations of individuals and teams and how to build accountability for outcomes
  • Understand how to adapt your performance management approach when managing remotely


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