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Everything we do is centred around improving organisational performance and agility through Mental Fitness.  We know that when we have control over our mental and emotional capacity, we can overcome life’s more difficult challenges, in and out of work.  This means improved concentration, focus, creativity, innovation and problem solving.

Mind & Mission are a highly experienced and professionally qualified team, who will partner with you to build a positive, supportive and stigma free culture that embraces diversity.

We are Scotland’s only business provider of Cognosis, an online tool which provides quantifiable evidence to back your investment in mental health.  The data will also provide your baseline position from which to measure improvement and return on investment.   Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, these insights will provide focus and rigour to your priorities.

We also bring Mental Fitness Coaching to all.  Whether delivered individually or in group sessions, we have a Certified Mental Fitness Coach to support you, whatever the focus.

Key People

Louise Scott

Co Founder & Director

Kirsty Ritchie

Co Founder & Director