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Having influence and creating impact in a world of noise, high activity, broader options and competing priorities are valuable skills, relevant for optimising opportunities both personally and professionally.

In this programme, participants will tackle genuine issues relating to maximising their influence and impact in a variety of contexts. In doing so, they will become attuned to the psychology of performance and the impact of mindset on thinking and behaviour. They experience the power of smart communication strategies and negotiation in being influential. They gain deeper insight in creating impact through their presence, values, power and managing unconscious bias. They also learn about the human interaction skills of dialogue, collaboration, and diversity.

Developing Influence and Impact Programme is immersive, relevant, practical, helping you focus on key things that will make a big difference to your influence and impact, enabling you to flourish.

During the workplace practice phase, learners’ key stakeholders may be surveyed to assess their assessment of the impact of the learning, adding to the effectiveness of phase 3.

Why this programme, now?

Our world of work is fast paced, busy, noisy and we compete for space and airtime. Changing work practices mean that communication and message needs to be thought about differently. In many ways the world has opened up. We have access to different voices, different messages, different approaches. and the pandemic has also given many the impetus to refresh their priorities. Amidst such noise and competition, how can we be heard? How can we have influence? How can we have impact?

Aspects of our personal lives have changed too. We have learnt about ourselves over the pandemic; what we are capable of, how strong we are, how determined we are, how resilient we are, what we value and what we want from life. Having influence and impact in our everyday lives enables us to plan, embrace and drive our personal change agendas.

Developing Influence and Impact programme focuses on understanding that our new world of work and life requires influential, impactful people who are brave and willing to have their voice and ideas heard. The Developing Influence and Impact programme develops the skills and knowledge of how to create space to step in and step up to have influence and manage challenges whether internal or external, allowing you to optimise your impact. Learning from each other and from expert facilitators, learners will leave the programme with the skills for creating space and being heard.

You’ll leave with

A broad understanding of key behaviours and conditions for creating influence and impact in a range of contexts.

Deeper knowledge of mindset, power, negotiation skills, unconscious bias awareness, and planning frameworks.

Interpersonal growth, through planning, practice and feedback, peer support, collaborative effort and relationship building.

Most important, a sense of personal growth, of renewed confidence and readiness for the challenges of the future!

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for anyone who wants to be more influential in their workplace or everyday context. Whether you are leading, managing or participating with others, if you want to have more impact in your interactions with others, you will benefit from this programme. Whether you are pitching or developing and idea or moving people though change or navigating change yourself, this programme can help you to grow in confidence and awareness of the key behaviours for influence and impact.

Programme Outline

Developing Influence and Impact can be delivered as a face-to-face, blended or virtual programme.

The programme lasts for three days, then there is a 6 week application time, followed by a one day seminar to compare experiences, refine understanding and hone skills through further practice. The programme has three core tracks each spanning the entire process, with a clear context for attendance and how the programme relates to your contexts.


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