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With a wide breadth of services and proven experience in Scotland, Sterling Lexicon is the perfect relocation partner to support you and your employees around the world. Our trusted experts understand the local nuances and have extensive industry knowledge, giving you complete peace of mind. Whether you’re relocating one or 1,000 employees, leave it to us to do what we do best—deliver happy, productive people around the world.

Key People

Gozde Aygun

Business Development Manager

Ruth McEvilly

Client Engagement


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Are Your Employees Delocating? Remote work, an insight into some key trends in the US which could also become a trend in the UK.

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Timebomb: The Implications of Brexit on Global Mobility With the end of the transition period for the U.K.'s withdrawal from the European Union rapidly approaching, talent mobility professionals will be navigating several changes as of January 1. Here's a helpful recap of the key things to know, summarizing our recent webinar co-hosted with BDO.

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Learn More Title Shared Services Centers - With the right approach and ongoing assessment, training and communication, using a shared services center (SSC) to manage certain aspects of relocation can bring several benefits to organizations, including supporting the continued strategic elevation of the global mobility function.

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For all enquiries contact Ruth McEvilly - Tel: 07740 409582