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Transactional Analysis – Virtual Workshop

This two-day virtual workshop led by Rosemary Napper provides a rich exploration of our social relationships and how transactional analysis is an effective tool used to better understand individuals, communication, relationships with others and with their organisational and private contexts. Used to change or modify behaviour, transactional analysis (TA) maps out the different ego states and their associated behaviours and offers a simple way of empowering your clients or colleagues to move forward in their goals.

First developed by Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne in the late 1950s, transactional analysis is a psychoanalytic theory widely applied in coaching, organisational design, training and psychotherapy. A practical means of understanding who we are and why we behave in the way we do, it uses the ego states of adult, parent and child to influence the way we communicate, interact and transact with one another.


This two-day workshop will provide a certificate of attendance including 13 CPD hours.

You will receive a certificate of attendance on completing the course.

2021 Programme Dates

2nd – 23rd June


09.30am – 17.00pm BST


£585 + VAT

Delivery via Zoom

To find out more and register please visit: https://www.aoec.com/programmes/transactional-analysis/


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