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Having worked as a GP for over 20 years, I have set up a business offering stress support to businesses and organisations, as well as individuals, looking at things from a health perspective. I run workshops, entitled ‘A Proactive Approach to Stress’. Recently, I have been running live webinars on ‘Managing our stress during the coronavirus pandemic’. I am able to create bespoke workshops and webinars.  I also offer one-on-one coaching for those who would benefit, remotely via Zoom if needed. Stress is very topical at the moment and in addition to having a negative impact on individuals and their families, there is a considerable knock-on effect in the workplace.

Although I cannot influence triggers for stress, my workshops aim to increase awareness of the causes and effects of stress and to empower people to be more proactive in helping themselves and, often, to believe in themselves, thereby reducing the negative impact of their situation on them and on the workplace.

Dr Rebecca Williams