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The Global Virtual Mentoring Programme that connects professionals from across sectors and professions. Share knowledge, ideas and develop professionally.

We provide the ABC of mentoring: Access, Breadth and Choice.

This is a company subscription programme that provides Access for mentors and mentees from subscribing companies to connect beyond the boundaries of their company, profession and sector, and Choice to mentees, to find the mentor they need.

We offer fixed fee set up and subscription rates for all companies.  We are ideal for third sector and SMEs who want high quality mentoring experiences for a budget they can afford.

Our programme used an iterative design process with the support of our founding companies who come from the private, public and third sector.  We are truly a programme that has been designed ‘for companies, by companies’.

With their involvement, we were able to design, test and build our programme to solve critical business issues for them, such as:

  • Connecting their colleagues beyond the ‘company bubble’
  • Engaging their colleagues to ‘learn without leaving’ their company
  • Inspiring their colleagues to be ‘better operators’
  • Augmenting their needs to up- and re-skill their organisational capabilities, and
  • Extending their networks and to level up the opportunities for talented professionals regardless of their background

They wanted more than mentor software and encouraged us to use human-friendly technology that enabled high quality mentoring that placed humanity at the heart of our mentoring conversations.

Mentors need to be trained, developed and supported and we have partnered with an ILM approved training provider (Rewards Training) to provide live, virtual inductions and briefings that can lead to recognised qualifications, as we seek to promote best practice mentoring.

In addition, we use powerful psychometrics provided by our other partner (eTalent), to support the communication between participants, a vital component of mentoring for success.

XSectorMentor is a partner organisation of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

Connect. Share, and Develop.

Please contact us to discuss how mentoring can be a solution for your people and your company.


Q EH16 5SW

Kingston Avenue, 44