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Love Your Employees is a marketplace app specifically designed to help employers source benefits and employee wellbeing services for their employees.

It provides tools to help employers analyse the benefits, perks and wellbeing services they offer their employees and take steps to improve the value the business gets from them.

It makes connecting with specialists simple and straightforward, making a previously laborious task quick and efficient.

The marketplace brings together consultants, providers and suppliers in one place, easily filtered by topic, product or area of interest, allowing employers to get a full market view quickly.

The Love Your Employees platform is designed to help employers deliver on the goals they have for their employee benefit and wellbeing programmes. Our diverse range of providers from pension specialists to mental health and wellbeing solutions mean that accessing support will be quick, hassle free and engaging.

Key People

Elliott Smith


Neil Stuthers


Q EH11 2HA

1A Washington Lane