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High performing teams are built on high levels of trust and clarity of purpose and vision. Building High Performing Teams is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding challenges for any manager or leader to face. This programme helps you develop yourself as a team leader and equips you with the knowledge and skills to develop a high performing team and culture.

Globally the way we do creative, innovative and effective work is through our teams. However, COVID has stretched even the best teams, there is growing workloads, stress, fatigue, internal and external pressures and challenges that lead teams to dip in performance. Unhealthy internal team dynamics also impact on performance.

Why this programme, now?

Teams are more important now than ever. We manage and lead organisations through and with teams. If our teams are dysfunctional, so are our organisations. This programme develops your leaders’ abilities to reflect and assess your own leadership and how it influences positively or negatively on developing a high performing team culture to deliver on your organisation’s objective.

Through this practical programme you will learn to address challenges within your team dynamics, creating new teams, merging existing teams, enhancing your team performance, refocusing your teams on the mission, and developing a healthy high performing team culture.

You’ll leave with:

A clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as a team leader and how you can be more effective in your role

The tools and skills you need to effectively build a high performing team within your organisational context

The leadership skills you need to motivate, influence and engage effectively with your team

A plan of action to implement within your organisation to respond to your team’s challenges

Who is this programme for?

Building High Performing Teams is aimed at both middle and senior managers, project managers and team leaders. It is important that you are currently working with a team in order for you to gain the most from the programme.

The programme is important for leaders who:

  • Have to establish a new team and get it to perform effectively quickly with a high level of trust and accountability.
  • Have inherited a team and have to establish credibility and acceptance in leading the team.
  • Have to restructure an existing team or merge two teams into one.
  • Are concerned about their teams wellbeing and motivation while navigating change and complexity.
  • Are struggling to lead matrixed or remote teams.
  • Wish to increase creativity, innovation and drive within their teams.
  • Wish to understand how their own leadership style and that of the organisation influences teams and organisational performance.

Programme Outline

The face-to-face programme structure is 3 days plus 1 day, with a 1-2 month workplace impact element between the two parts.

The virtual programme structure is 6 half days plus 2 half days, with a 1-2 month workplace impact element between the two parts.

Both the virtual and face-to-face programmes begin with a 1 hour introduction to the programme which is delivered virtually.

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